High performance double eccentric butterfly valve

In the classification of eccentric valves, in addition to triple eccentric valves, double eccentric valves are widely used. High-performance valve ( HPBV ), its characteristics: long life, laboratory switching times up to 1 million times.

Compared with the centerline butterfly valve, the double eccentric butterfly valve is more resistant to high pressure, has a longer life and good stability.
HPBV widely used in the filed of sea water, chemical industry, HVAC, corrosive conditions, etc.
The following is a batch of high-performance butterfly valves exported to Europe, the specific specifications are as follows;

Pressure: 300LB
Size: 8″
Connection: Wafer 
Body&Disc: CF8M
Stem: 17-4ph
Seat : RPTFE

High Performance Double offset butterfly valve

Post time: Jan-09-2021