Flanged Resilient Butterfly Valve

Short Description:

Size Range:  DN40-DN1600

Pressure Rating: ASME 150LB, 300LB, 6K, 10K,16K,PN10, PN25

Temperature Range: -20℃– +100℃

Body Material: Carbon Steel, Ductile iron , Stainless steel, Aluminum bronze etc.

Operation: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric OP

Medium: Water, Sea Water, Air, Oil, Alcohols, Dust, Mild acid, Mild alkaline liquids etc.

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• Simple structure and strong universality

• Valve stem with surface hardening treatment

• Adopting non-pin connection

• Blow out proof stem

• Isolate the body and stem with medium

• Convenient installation on site

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    • Desulphurization and denitration. , printing and dyeing waste water
    • Tap water
    • municipal sewage 
    • Industrial
    • Dry powder production and transportation
    • Ultra high voltage transformer cooling oil pipeline delivery system

    Stem isolated from the medium

    Stem and disc connected without pin , after assembled, it become an integral. This structure guarantee the stem do not contact with medium.

    Blow out proof stem

    Bottom of top flange and stem is processing with a groove, the stem groove is set with an  “U ” circlip and add O ring to fix the circlip.

    NSEN strictly follow the free repair, free replacement and free return services within 18 months after the valve is ex-works or 12 months after being installed and used on the pipeline after ex-works (upon which comes first). 

    In the case the valve gets failed due to the quality problem during the use in the pipeline within the quality warranty period, NSEN will provide free quality warranty service. The service shall not be ended until the failure is surely made settled and the valve normally workable as well as the client signs the letter of confirmation.

    After expiration of the said period, NSEN guarantees to provide the users with on-time quality technical services whenever the product needs to be repaired and maintained. 

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