Thanks for your visit during IFME 2020

Last week, NSEN shows on IFME 2020 in Shanghai, thanks to all the clients that take the time to commune with us.

NSEN glad to be your support for the triple offset and double offset butterfly valve.

Our big size sample DN1600 welded type butterfly valve attracts clients most, the showed structure is for bi-directional sealing and it is easy to maintain at the site. The testing pressure for the non-preferred side sealing and preferred side could achieve 1:1.

NSEN focusing on butterfly valve since 1983, continue providing the valve for the industry of Central Heating, Metallurgy, Energy, Oil, and gas, etc.…ring-ifme-2020/…ring-ifme-2020/…ring-ifme-2020/

Post time: Dec-19-2020