Triple offset butterfly valve for disctrict heating application

NSEN is preparing for the annual heating season again.

The usual medium for district heating is steam and hot water, and multi-layer and metal to metal sealing is commonly used.

Triple offset valve sealing structure

For steam medium, we prefer to recommend the metal to metal sealing. Its advantage lies in the solid stainless steel sealing ring, which is more resistant to erosion and has a longer service life. At the same time, the replaceable sealing pair is adopted, so the valve can be maintained on site.

NSEN Can provide one-directional and two-directional sealing valve, the test pressure for non-preferred could reach nominal pressure.
Supply scope: PN16-PN63, DN100-2400
Recommend material: Body A105/WCB, Disc WCB, Shaft 17-4PH, Sealing F304+HF, Seat SS304

For the valve with hot water medium, multi-layer sealing can be selected. Compared with all metal seal, the torque of multi-layer will be smaller, which can save part of the cost for the actuator.

The following is a picture of the butt welding connection valve for central heating that NSEN shipped recently.

NSEN district heating butterfly valve

Post time: Aug-30-2021