Wafer Triple offset Butterfly Valve

Short Description:

Size Range:  2”-48” (50mm-1200mm)

Pressure Rating: ASME 150LB, 300LB

Temperature Range: -46℃– +600℃

Connection: Wafer

Shutoff tightness: Zero Leakage

Structure : Multi-layer , Metal to Metal

Material: WCB, CF8M, A105, F316, C95800, Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy etc.

Operation: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric OP

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NSEN Wafer Triple offset butterfly valve could provide both bi-directional sealing and uni-directional sealing, it depends on the customer requirements. But please notice that different type sealing and sealing structure has the different ranges. The counter flange could be provided together with valve, as long as informing us before placing order, the rest you could leave to us.

• Multi-layer sealing & Metal to metal sealing

• Bi-directional & Uni-directional

• Low opening torque

• Friction free between seat and sealing

• No over travel of the disc

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  • Valve Marking: MSS-SP-25
    Design & Manufacture: API 609, EN 593
    Face to Face Dimension: API 609, ISO 5752, EN 558
    End Connection: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, EN 1092, JIS B2220, GOST 12820
    Test and Inspection: API 598, EN 12266, ISO 5208, ANSI B16.104
    Top Flange: ISO 5211

    Triple offset butterfly valve add a third angular eccentric based on double eccentric structure. The third offset is consist of an certain angle between center line of valve body and conical seat sealing face, it ensure the sealing ring of the disc can be separated or touched with seat rapidly so that friction and squeeze between seat and sealing ring will be eliminated.

    Friction free design

    The use of triple eccentric structure reducing the friction during switching between the sealing surface of the disc and valve body, so that the disc can quickly disengage the valve seat when the triple eccentric butterfly valve is opened or closed.

    Low opening torque

    This serial uses the Radial Dynamically Balanced Sealing System,by means of optimized design, the forces undertaken on both sides for the butterfly disc inlet and outlet become approximately balanced so as to effectively lower the valve opening torque.

    Seal ring material        
    Seal ring can be made of stainless steel plate with graphite/ carbon fiber/ PTFE etc. The main sealing is stainless steel plate, non-metal interlayer as the assistant one. This structure makes the valve more reliably sealed and the leakage of sealing reach VI class to ANSI B16.104 or A class to ISO 5208. Compare to the rubber asbestos plate material, our adopting material is more wearable, anti-flush, reliable and better for environmental.

    Packing-combined sealing system       
    NSEN adopt this structure to ensure valve leakage could meet ≤20ppm at maximum. The dynamic sealing structure is available if necessary, which make the packing sealing under good condition and prolong the free maintenance period of packing.

    Evenly Fixed Structure      

    Butterfly valve’s sealing ring is fixed with evenly distributed bolts/nuts. Every bolt is precisely located and endure force evenly. This structure eliminates the problems of leakage or loose sealing ring due to uneven force of bolts and nuts.

    NSEN strictly follow the free repair, free replacement and free return services within 18 months after the valve is ex-works or 12 months after being installed and used on the pipeline after ex-works (upon which comes first). 

    In the case the valve gets failed due to the quality problem during the use in the pipeline within the quality warranty period, NSEN will provide free quality warranty service. The service shall not be ended until the failure is surely made settled and the valve normally workable as well as the client signs the letter of confirmation.

    After expiration of the said period, NSEN guarantees to provide the users with on-time quality technical services whenever the product needs to be repaired and maintained. 

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