TUV witness NSEN butterfly valve NSS test

NSEN Valve recently performed the neutral salt spray test of the valve, and successfully passed the test under the witness of TUV. The paint used for the valve tested is JOTAMASTIC 90, the test is based on the standard ISO 9227-2017, and and the test duration lasts 96 hours.


Below I will briefly introduce the purpose of the NSS test,

The salt spray test simulates the environment of the ocean or the climate of salty humid areas, and is used to assess the salt spray corrosion resistance of products, materials and their protective layers.

The salt spray test standard clearly specifies the test conditions, such as temperature, humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration and pH value, etc., and also puts forward technical requirements for the performance of the salt spray test chamber. The methods for judging the results of the salt spray test include: rating judging method, weighing judging method, corrosive appearance judging method, and corrosion data statistical analysis method. The products that need salt spray test are mainly some metal products, and the corrosion resistance of the products is investigated through testing.

The artificial simulated salt spray environment test is to use a kind of test equipment with a certain volume space-salt spray test box, in its volume space, artificial methods are used to create a salt spray environment to assess the quality of the salt spray corrosion resistance of the product . Compared with the natural environment, the salt concentration of chloride in the salt spray environment can be several or tens of times the salt spray content of the general natural environment, which greatly increases the corrosion rate. The salt spray test of the product is carried out and the result is obtained The time is also greatly shortened. For example, if a product sample is tested in a natural exposure environment, it may take 1 year to wait for its corrosion, while the test under artificially simulated salt spray environment conditions requires only 24 hours to obtain similar results.

The neutral salt spray test (NSS test) is the earliest and most widely used accelerated corrosion test method. It uses 5% sodium chloride salt aqueous solution, the pH value of the solution is adjusted in the neutral range (6-7) as the spray solution. The test temperature is 35℃, and the sedimentation rate of the salt spray is required to be between 1~2ml/80cm²·h.

Post time: Jul-15-2021